Rainbow Season

Chris and I call our homestead “Sky Berth” moored in the middle of the sagebrush ocean.

sky noun
1.    the area high above the trees, buildings, landscape, or horizon.
2.    the way the sky looks in a particular part of the world (often used in the plural)
3.    sky or Sky the plane, thought of as being high above the Earth, in which immortal powers or beings exist, such as God or immortal souls (literary) (often used in the plural)
4.    the topmost limit or the best and most it is possible to achieve

berth noun
1.    a bed, usually built-in, on a ship or a train
2.    a place, usually alongside a quay or dock, where a ship ties up or anchors
3.    sufficient room between a ship and the shore or between a ship and another vessel or object to allow the ship to maneuver safely
4.    a place for a motor vehicle to park or be loaded or unloaded

Under the wide open, ever-changing sky, the name always suits well, but in this rainbow season, it is particularly appropriate!

This is our cozy home!

This is our cozy home!

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