Recent Volunteer Day with NAP

The Neighborhood Art Project (NAP) is created and implemented by artist/instructor Siena Sanderson and is an outreach program of the Harwood Museum of Art. NAP brings art activities directly into the neighborhoods of Taos with a focus on low-income communities. It is a summer program and is run by golden volunteers, who commit to showing up at a particular site one day a week through out the summer. And then there are people like me, who show up and volunteer when we can.

The goals of this program are to encourage fun, creativity, friendship and to bring the art-making directly to the kids of Taos in their backyards. I love seeing kids’ creativity blossom as the supplies and instructions are delivered. They interact with each other and adults in positive ways and are allowed to “get lost” in their creative process. Snacks, lemonade and even lunch is often served during the two hours that NAP is set up at a site.

I am honored to be a peripheral part of this great program! To make contributions to the NAP contact, the Harwood Museum development director, Juniper Manley at 575-758-9826 x116.

The shaded painting room is a great refuge on a hot day!

Print-making is fun!

Siena Sanderson with NAP volunteers

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