Five Years….

It’s been five years, almost to the day since I last  posted here. How is that possible? My last post was this one – a well-intentioned, new start to something that didn’t manifest…until now. All in good time, I tell myself. To everything, even and perhaps especially, blog posts, there is a season. Five years later, (another daughter, a few chickens and five thick, full years of living) I’m doing today’s version of what I set out to do then.

At first I was tempted to simply update that five year-old post, because I find myself now at a juncture similar to when I published it and I’m feeling many of the same sentiments. But there are differences too. I have grown and so has my vision for this blog space. I still want to take you with me on my journey, share my experiments in life and art, useful things I stumble upon and my learnings. The difference is that you get a five-years older (and hopefully wiser!) me and the life that has since developed through me and around me while living life “loudly” during my “virtual silence” here.

So, thank you for allowing me to pick-up where I left off and joining me anew in this virtual space to explore real life through an off-grid lens.

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