Welcome to Off-Grid Arts, a place where contemporary art, solar panels, home grown veggies, cloth diapers and panoramic, high desert landscapes co-mingle. In a world dominated by franchise-dotted towns and cities, the natural world and “getting back to basics” through rural living tug at me with magnetic force these days. This blog explores the patterns, rhythms, colors, sounds, and shapes of a life lived out in the sage brush ocean called Sunshine Valley.

I renamed this blog “Off-Grid Arts” for several reasons: 1) I wanted to bring some cohesiveness and focus to its contents; 2) we live an off-grid life style and I plan to share some of those experiences here; 3) I strive to bring an off-grid edge to my arts practice; and 4) since becoming a mother, I’ve felt an even stronger motivation to delve into “Radical Homemaking” which also fits into the off-grid category. So that’s the story behind the current incarnation of this blog.

I am excited to have this space to share new work, experiences, updates, news, invitations and inspiration with you. In case you can’t tell, I’m having fun with it and it will only get better….I hope you’ll join me on this new little journey. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking, plotting and doing these days and I look forward to the conversations that may start or continue here!

More of my work can be found at these nifty sites:
My personal website: www.clairecote.com
My collaborative website with Anna Keleher: www.claireandanna.com
Dreaming Place & Radio Dreaming project site: www.dreamingplace.eu
My Wetlands project blog: wetlandsinthedesert.blogspot.com

Check it out (other cool things I’m involved with):

Land, Experience and Art of Place Website: www.leapsite.org
I started this Place-Based Arts Project as a platform to create and host innovative contemporary art and ecology events and experiences in a rural context. Each year we address different themes and concepts with our events and educational programming.

Questa Stories Community Memory Project: QuestaStories.org
The project is a collection point and archive for local stories, oral histories, conversations, images and artifacts of, by and about the communities, peoples and places of North Central New Mexico.

Localogy: www.Localogy.org
Localogy is a northern New Mexico non-profit with the goal of turning passive consumers into active producers through integrated an summer camp, public school partnership, art, grassroots media, agriculture and sustainable design programs. LEAP is a program of Localogy.

Questa Creative Council: www.QuestaCreative.org
Questa Creative Council seeks to strengthen and sustain community enrichment and economic opportunities through arts, culture, history, and education. I currently serve as a QCC Board Member.

SEED project website: www.SeedToas.org
SEED is an arts and education project exploring and celebrating the miracle of the seed through an interdisciplinary arts/science approach.


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