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Free Download – Conservation Biology Textbook

Conservation Biology for All - it's free!

I just discovered this amazing free download of the conservation biology textbook, Conservation Biology for All, edited by Navjot S. Sodhi and Paul R. Ehrlich (Department of Biology, Stanford University) and published by Oxford University Press.

Conservation Biology for All was made available for free download in celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010 and is offered at, an environmental and conservation news site. The book is 358 pages in all and covers a wide variety of conservation biology topics including biodiversity, ecosystems, habitat destruction and fragementation, invasive species, fire and biodiversity and the roles of people in conservation.

Check it out and download it here.

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My watercolor illustration on the cover of a new book!

Commissioned book cover

A couple of year ago I was commissioned to paint two illustrations for a book by Peter Bigfoot, founder of Reevis Mountain School of Self Reliance, where Chris and I were visiting at the time. It was a fun and exciting process to conjure-up with my imagination and then manifest in watercolors imagery to embody Peter’s description of what he wanted for his book. I found myself thriving on the challenge and was excited to provide him with something he was happy to use for his book!

Today I just got the word from Reevis that Peter’s book,  Ancient Natural Remedies: Healing Yourself and Others with Herbs and Hands, is on its way from the publisher! It can be purchased for $18 (plus shipping+handling) from the Reevis Website.

"Healing Touch"

"Healing Touch" - the other commissioned illustration

From the Reevis website:
A doctor may not be available when you need one – now you can learn to heal yourself!

The first part of the this book catalogs natural remedies – including herbs, honey, the use of hands, fasts, and dietary changes – for a wide variety of bodily conditions and illnesses.

The second part teaches you how to give healing treatments to others and yourself using Oriental Acupressure to clear blockages of energy in the body’s meridians.

To see the table of contents, click here.

Includes a fold-out chart of pressure points. Wire bound, 240 pages. ISBN 0-9824091-0-9