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Five Years….

It’s been five years, almost to the day since I last  posted here. How is that possible? My last post was this one – a well-intentioned, new start to something that didn’t manifest…until now. All in good time, I tell myself. To everything, even and perhaps especially, blog posts, there is a season. Five years later, (another daughter, a few chickens and five thick, full years of living) I’m doing today’s version of what I set out to do then.

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The Good Life: Part 2 – nature and community

I feel that “The Good Life” must include time for fun, community and getting out into Nature. Creativity is spurred by rich experiences in the natural world and time out in the world with people you enjoy, participating in stimulating cultural events. Two recent experiences stand out in my mind….


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Home to The Good Life: Part 1

Good Life

I am home. And finally after several days, I feel like I have my feet back on the ground here. It has taken me a bit of time to really return on all levels and reintegrate.

But it feels wonderful to be back in the vastness of my New Mexico homeland! While experiencing a renewed appreciation for this vastness of place, I am trying to remember to also bring this vastness into my daily life. The recent time away from my day-to-day routine here at home has allowed me to reflect on the importance of slowing down. I am acting carefully now as I return to my life here in NM, so that I can maintain the focus, the ability to slowdown and spaciousness that developed during our DREAMING PLACE project fieldwork in Ireland.

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‘Sounds Surround’ Sound Journeys Workshop

Harwood Art Center, 1114 7th St. NW, Albuquerque, NM
Saturday, April 2, 10 am – 12 noon

Workshop Facilitator – Claire Coté
Workshop is $15 – Preregistration Requested
Morning tea and scones provided

The sounds surrounding us are an often neglected, but very important part of our perceptual experience of places and the world in general. This workshop provides guidance on deepening our listening in each place and how to bring soundscape awareness and sound journeys into our work. The workshop will include brief introductions to sound, listening and sound art as well as providing participants with experience-based listening exercises in and out of doors, to open our ears and minds to the sounds surrounding us.

“Sounds Surround” is open to all, but is especially geared towards artists, teachers, park rangers and interpretation specialists.

To register for the workshop please contact Claire Coté at 575-586-2362 or by email at

‘Sounds Surround’ is presented in connection with “How Far From Home Are We?” an illustrated radio journey and a multi-sensory installation at the Harwood Center for the Arts. More information online at:

Rainbow Season

Chris and I call our homestead “Sky Berth” moored in the middle of the sagebrush ocean.

sky noun
1.    the area high above the trees, buildings, landscape, or horizon.
2.    the way the sky looks in a particular part of the world (often used in the plural)
3.    sky or Sky the plane, thought of as being high above the Earth, in which immortal powers or beings exist, such as God or immortal souls (literary) (often used in the plural)
4.    the topmost limit or the best and most it is possible to achieve

berth noun
1.    a bed, usually built-in, on a ship or a train
2.    a place, usually alongside a quay or dock, where a ship ties up or anchors
3.    sufficient room between a ship and the shore or between a ship and another vessel or object to allow the ship to maneuver safely
4.    a place for a motor vehicle to park or be loaded or unloaded

Under the wide open, ever-changing sky, the name always suits well, but in this rainbow season, it is particularly appropriate!

This is our cozy home!

This is our cozy home!

Full Moon Chorus

It is full moon and the birds seem to be confusing the silver light of the moon with the early light of dawn. Their tentative voices drift out over the sagebrush ocean, plaintively in the silence of the night. There is something so tender and beautiful about the cheerful song, that I associate with new day. But perhaps there is no mistake on the part of the birds; perhaps it is simply my untrained ears that misses the distinctiveness and subtleties of the full moon chorus.

June 7th Full Moon from beneath my clothesline.

June 7th Full Moon from beneath my clothesline.