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Five Years….

It’s been five years, almost to the day since I last  posted here. How is that possible? My last post was this one – a well-intentioned, new start to something that didn’t manifest…until now. All in good time, I tell myself. To everything, even and perhaps especially, blog posts, there is a season. Five years later, (another daughter, a few chickens and five thick, full years of living) I’m doing today’s version of what I set out to do then.

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New Leaf

New LeafThe dust has settled, rather is settling, into gentle patterns of motherhood and I am turning to tasks that lie beyond the ever-present hamper of dirty diapers begging to be laundered and the seemingly endless dishes by the sink. This winter has been beautifully hermitic for me and our daughter, Amber Jean, but now I feel the push to reach out into the world a bit more, even if only from my desk chair….so I’m turning over a new leaf and reviving and revamping this blog to catch these thoughts and experiments.

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Home to The Good Life: Part 1

Good Life

I am home. And finally after several days, I feel like I have my feet back on the ground here. It has taken me a bit of time to really return on all levels and reintegrate.

But it feels wonderful to be back in the vastness of my New Mexico homeland! While experiencing a renewed appreciation for this vastness of place, I am trying to remember to also bring this vastness into my daily life. The recent time away from my day-to-day routine here at home has allowed me to reflect on the importance of slowing down. I am acting carefully now as I return to my life here in NM, so that I can maintain the focus, the ability to slowdown and spaciousness that developed during our DREAMING PLACE project fieldwork in Ireland.

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“How Far From Home Are We?” Photos and update!

There is something magical about having a vision of something for a long time and then coaxing and birthing this vision into reality. This is how I felt with the recent collaborative exhibition, “How Far From Home Are We?” that has been/will be installed for the month of April at the Harwood Arts Center in Albuquerque. The process of bringing this show into the world was more magical because it was all done with my project collaborators Anna and Becky in the UK. The show took shape over the course of months through flurries of emails, reports and reponses. And then I manifested our vision at the Harwood with the indispensable help of my husband Chris and my friend Aimee Deans.

It all started over two years ago when I applied to have a show of “How Far From Home Are We?” at the Harwood Art Center in 2009. At the time, Chris and I were still in New Zealand and the dates for the show seemed far off. And they got moved from that fall to the next fall and then to the Spring of 2011. So this show was a long time coming and it is wonderful to see the vision and the many experiences of the journey that the show comes from in a new form at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque!

Peruse images of the show and opening here.

Listen an excerpt or the entire Radio Journey here! (It was broadcast on Sound Art Radio in the UK and on KRZA radio Alamos-Taos during the exhibition.)

Check out images of my “Sounds Surround Workshop” here.

Read about the exhibition in the Taos News here.

The project website is We’d love to have your feedback on the show!!

Inventing Clouds

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an unintended invention of illusion, a moment of accidental, spontaneous creativity with everyday objects? This very thing happened to me recently…..

How to create Cumulus Clouds:

You will need:
Cotton or polyester stuffing or batting
Clothes pins
Beautiful blue sky to hold your clouds

1. Fluff your stuffing or batting

2. Pin it securely on the line in clumps

3. Step back and use your imagination

4. Kneel, look from below and move from side to side – find your favorite angles

5. Enjoy your new cumulus clouds!

18 Days Opening – wow!

The 18 Days opening was absolutely packed with art enthusiasts, both exhibitors and the general public. As we drove up to the CCA, I found myself wondering if there was a big event happening at the nearby church or the Children’s museum (there were cars overflowing out of the parking lots onto the shoulders of Old Pecos Trail). All too soon, as we tried to find a parking place at the CCA, we discovered it was all for the 18 Days opening reception.

The work was varied and interesting with a wide variety of subject matter encompassed mostly by painting, prints, and drawing but also by photography, fiber, video, installation, welding, and “upcycled” fashion. All work was mounted on the wall, except for a select 3-4 piece,s which were suspended from the high ceiling.

18 Days Opening Crowd

My piece is tucked on the west end of a free-standing wall near the back of the gallery.

Me with my pieceMy favorite aspect of the opening (besides getting to talk with lovely people of course!) was having the opportunity to observe people to peering at my piece, leaning in close to examine its many small squares stitched together.

Folks looking aty my piece
If you’re in the Santa Fe area before March 20th, I recommend a visit. It is a show worth seeing and not just because my piece made the cut!

Click here for a little promo article from the Santa Fe Reporter.

Gift Idea – wood blocks for a new baby

Colorful Baby Blocks - a fun gift idea!

It’s definitely the time in life for me when many of my friends have gotten or are getting married and have gotten or are getting pregnant  – some are well on their way to raising a family with youngsters in their twos and threes. With these new stages and phases in life comes celebration and the opportunity to share the love and give gifts. Because I love to receive handmade gifts, I often try to create handmade gifts to give as well. This spring, I made these blocks to give to my close friends as a baby shower gift. I enjoyed smoothing and painting them, thinking about the unborn little-one looking at the colors and images that I was painting on the blocks.

For those of you interested in making some blocks of your own or for someone else: these blocks are approximately 1 1/2 inch square and made of maple. Having access to my parents’ wood shop made the rounding and smoothing easy, however a simple palm sander would do the job. After rounding the edges and corners and smoothing the sides, I used acrylic paints to paint the designs and patterns on the wood. After painting the blocks, I finished them with food grade mineral oil.