Our Local Food Sources

Local Food Sources Web

This list applies to residents in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado

Recently, I have been hearing about various local food sources for those of us living in the Northern NM / Southern Colorado region. Hearing about these local food opportunities,  I find myself wanting to compile into one place all of the information that I’m hearing and gleaning from people. Since I want to do this for myself and for my family anyway, why not make this list of local food sources available to everyone?! So here goes….

Potatoes and Quinoa:

White Mountain Farm

Certified Organically Grown Quinoa and Potatoes
San Luis Valley


They do sell to individual customers out of their warehouse, however they prefer larger orders, so if a group were to get together to order with one person going up to the farm to pick up the order, that is of course better for them. Before placing your order you need to talk with Stephanie  in the warehouse to make sure that they have what you want and that they will be there when you come to pick it all up. Call the number above to place your order and ask to speak with Stephanie. Varieties and Prices for potatoes can be found on their website.


Cerro Vista Farm

Morning Star Farm


Dixon growers

Local Herbs:

Iris Herbal Products (Cathy Hope)
Questa, NM


Shepherd’s Lamb
Tierra Amarilla , NM

(505) 588-7792

The Manzanares family sells organic grass-fed lamb from its northern New Mexico ranch to local chefs like Wrede and home cooks; yarn from its sheeps’ wool is sold through nearby Tierra Wools (handweavers.com).

Gosar Ranch
Mountain Valley Meat Works

Owner(s): Don & Mandi Weed

Location: Monte Vista

The Gosar family has produced Gosar Ranch brand sausage for four generations using traditional European methods and standards. After managing the meat processing division of Gosar Ranch, Inc. for almost fifteen years, Don Weed, Jr. purchased the business in October 2006 and created Mountain Valley Meat Works. Since that time he has developed his own line of specialty sausage products. Continuing the tradition of making products with natural ingredients, he maintains a high quality that customers appreciate.

Breads and Patries:

Tecolote Home Arts (Olga Gressot)
Questa / Latir Area
Bread Made to order

Kelly West
Jaroso, Colorado
Organic Bread and sweets

Southwest Chutney
Chutneys and Baked goods, some gluten free options available


Beeyond The Hive
Owner(s): Jamie Johnston
Location: Salida
Website: www.beeyondthehive.com


Taos Cow

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream

1807 Second St.

Santa Fe , NM

(505) 216-9759

Santa Fe’s Tara Esperanza has won a cult following (including Wrede) for inventive all-natural ice creams like cherry fudge and chocolate tarragon; in June she opened a California outpost in Berkeley.

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