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Gift Idea – wood blocks for a new baby

Colorful Baby Blocks - a fun gift idea!

It’s definitely the time in life for me when many of my friends have gotten or are getting married and have gotten or are getting pregnant¬† – some are well on their way to raising a family with youngsters in their twos and threes. With these new stages and phases in life comes celebration and the opportunity to share the love and give gifts. Because I love to receive handmade gifts, I often try to create handmade gifts to give as well. This spring, I made these blocks to give to my close friends as a baby shower gift. I enjoyed smoothing and painting them, thinking about the unborn little-one looking at the colors and images that I was painting on the blocks.

For those of you interested in making some blocks of your own or for someone else: these blocks are approximately 1 1/2 inch square and made of maple. Having access to my parents’ wood shop made the rounding and smoothing easy, however a simple palm sander would do the job. After rounding the edges and corners and smoothing the sides, I used acrylic paints to paint the designs and patterns on the wood. After painting the blocks, I finished them with food grade mineral oil.