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The feel of vanishing mist….


How do I draw the feel of vanishing mist?

How do I draw the sound of bellowing cows?

How do I draw the smell of the morning?

I asked myself these questions while sitting under the vestibule of my tent, deep in the Valle Vidal Wilderness. Through an invitation from John Wenger, painter, explorer and Professor Ameritus at UNM, I was honored to join members of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and Albuquerque Wildlife Federation for a weekend of volunteering and companionship in the beautiful and history-rich Valle Vidal. I was impressed by the sheer number of people who showed up to help and with the coordination of the event. Rocky Mountain Youth Corps youth were also onsite for a weekend of hiking and wilderness exploration. The mingling and cross-pollination of the various groups and communities from around New Mexico was wonderful to witness. The conviction, pride, knowledge, self-respect and commitment of the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and other kids at the site gave me hope. I look forward to attending other volunteer events and collaborating with NMWA in the future.